Community Service

The mission of Avasara's Community Service program is to inspire students to become involved and be compassionate citizens. Students actively engage in community building projects outside of school. Students are encouraged to explore the meaning of their community engagement experiences during group discussions in advisory and class meetings. Students will also submit a written reflection of their community work, which will become part of a portfolio collected for each student. Responsibility to community is expressed throughout Avasara's academic and residential program:

Academic programming

  • Social responsibility built within key curriculum areas, e.g. natural sciences, world history, etc.

Annual spring trip

  • To rural or urban communities around India

Independent project

  • Annual community engagement project driven by students with guidance from faculty advisor

Summer internship

  • At least one internship must be with a social or environmental enterprise

Campus operations

  • Eco-friendly and socially minded orientation encourages waste minimization and consideration of others
  • Community-oriented student groups and activities


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