Avasara’s unique curriculum is designed to prepare students for success within the most rigorous colleges and universities in the world, while creating well-rounded future leaders. Each Avasara student will develop the following:

  • the intellectual curiosity and core academic skills required to succeed at a world-class university and in their professional careers
  • the intra- and interpersonal skills necessary to be an agent for positive change for the benefit of self, community, and their surroundings
  • the vision and action skills necessary to become a large-scale entrepreneur, public change-maker or senior leader of a company, organization, and/or a community
  • an understanding of India’s past and present, along with a vision of her role in the country’s future

These outcomes will be achieved through the use of an integrated residential, experiential, and academic curriculum. The foundation of the Avasara curriculum will combine the internationally recognized University of Cambridge program with an unparalleled curriculum in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and India Studies (the LEI curriculum).

The Academic Core (A Levels)

The academic core at Avasara combines broad interdisciplinary study in the first year with deep exploration according to individual interests in the second year. At the end of the second year, students will take exams for at least three A Level subjects. Avasara faculty will challenge students to see linkages across disciplines and to apply their knowledge as young leaders. Students in an Avasara Economics course will gain perspective by discussing the writings of Esther Duflo and Amartya Sen, while students studying reverse osmosis in an Avasara Chemisty course will not simply learn to regurgitate its thermodynamic properties but will also discover the latest research arguing for improved desalinization technology to solve the world’s water shortages.

Leadership, Entrepreneurship and India Studies (LEI Curriculum)

The curriculum in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and India Studies will prepare each Avasara student to confront the most pressing challenges in their own lives, in the country and around the world. In the interdisciplinary India Studies curriculum, students will understand the context for complex issues including hunger eradication, health care provision, economic growth and urbanization. In the Entrepreneurship curriculum, each student will develop the foundation to design innovative solutions to these challenges and find the inspiration they need to turn an idea into action. Finally, the holistic Leadership curriculum will prepare each student to confront the challenges of leadership as they implement their solutions.

The Culminating Project

The Culminating Project is the capstone experience in the Avasara curriculum, allowing each student to synthesize and put into action the knowledge and skills gained during their time on campus. Each student will design, implement, present and reflect on a project that has lasting positive impact on a community.


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