A Day in the Life

7.30 am           Anjali leaves home to catch the Avasara bus to school. She chats with friends on the way to school about last night’s reading chapter of the Victory Song novel being studied in English class.

8.15 am           She arrives at school and catches up with friends.

8.30 am           Period 1: English class. Students participate in a literature circle reviewing the latest chapter of Victory Song, and work on a writing activity.

10.10 am         Morning break—students have nimbu paani and a piece of fruit to keep their energy up.

10.30 am         Period 2: Maths class. Students learn about statistics, investigating the difference between correlation and causation. They take a short graded test on the previous chapter on long division.

12.10 pm         Lunch. Students and faculty have lunch together in the open air pavilion.

12.50 pm         Period 3: Performing Arts Elective: Anjali has selected Kathak as her performing arts class for the trimester. She gathers her things and heads to the terrace for Kathak class.

1.45 pm           Period 4: Leadership, Entrepreneurship and India Studies Elective: Students learn how to take surveys to collect data for addressing issues in their communities as part of their leadership project.

2.35 pm           Afternoon break. Students and staff enjoy a cup of tea together.

3 pm                The bus leaves the campus, bringing students home. Anjali has had a long day, and falls asleep on the way home.




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