Unique Teaching Methods

Discussion-Based Courses

Avasara courses break from the traditional model based on lectures to an interactive model based on thinking, writing, discussing, and problem-solving. The faculty acts as both guide and facilitator as they interact with students through course activities, discussions, and one-on-one conferences. Students learn cooperatively through personalized interaction, team discussions and peer work. Cooperation and interaction occur within the framework of a highly structured pedagogical plan.

Academic Advising

Each student has a faculty advisor. Together, student and advisor develop a balanced academic program, making full use of the resources available. An advisor can help a student find academic and personal resources and can help her select and pursue various optional programs. Advisors also counsel students about preparation for university and careers.

Guest Speakers

One of the most crucial things we can do is give our students exposure to a wide range of individuals pursuing various paths. Avasara guest speakers are leaders and entrepreneurs from a wide range of backgrounds and professions. They come from the public, private and social sectors. Our speaker series demystifies the process of leadership and execution for students. Students identify and debate the traits that make each leader effective, and discover role models as they begin their own journey.




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