Avasara Academy: A first-of-a-kind academy for one-of-a-kind girls

Welcome to Avasara Academy, where talent meets opportunity. We believe that when inspirational young women work with inspired teachers, mentors, and curricula, there are no limits to what can be achieved.

Avasara Academy is a day and residential secondary school from 6th-12th grades. We educate girls of exceptional promise for a lifetime of leadership and contribution to society. Students engage in a specialized curriculum that combines academic excellence with Leadership, Entrepreneurship and India Studies. At Avasara, the learning experience includes faculty advisors, mentors, independent study opportunities, small class sizes, a diverse group of talented students, and a curriculum of extraordinary depth. We have an adult-student ratio of 1:15.

We believe that a student’s ability to pay fees should not affect their chances to experience this unique and holistic educational opportunity. We offer admission to exceptional girls and our financial assistance program seeks to ensure that all admitted students can attend.


To empower girls of promise to lead lives of distinction and impact.


To create lasting and transformative change for India by developing the next generation of influential women leaders.



We stay true to ourselves, act honorably, and find courage in our convictions.


We cultivate an on-going cycle of inquiry, reason, and considered debate.


We pursue the highest standards through dedication and persistent effort.


We put ourselves in others’ places and interact with respect, humility and compassion.


 We embrace the multiple perspectives which enrich our community


 We draw from our mental, physical and personal strength to address challenges.


We dream big and carve our own unique paths.

Our Logo

Our logo means ‘opportunity’ in Sanskrit. It depicts an elephant, which stands for strength and wisdom. The elephant directs this strength and wisdom towards helping the lotus rise from the pond, towards the sun.

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