Our Campus

Avasara’s campus is green, lush, sustainable and rooted in Indian tradition. From our airy study spaces to our kitchen garden, our campus has been designed to provide a sanctuary for our community.

Our campus has been featured in:

Exhibitions: The Venice Biennale, The Craft of Collaboration (Belgium), EPFL (Switzerland) & BETA Architecture Biennial 2020 (Romania).

News & magazine articles: FT, Architectural Digest (India, Germany and US).

Books: An Architecture Guide to the UN 17 SDGs, A School in the Making, The Ideal City: Exploring Urban Futures, Good Energy.

Avasara was nominated for Best Building of the Year, 2020 by Archdaily and named in Designboom’s ‘Top 10 schools and educational buildings of 2017’ .

Our Sustainability Highlights:

We use a passive cooling system with air ducts and a solar chimney to keep our buildings naturally cool.

We recycle 80% of the water that goes down the drain using a reed-bed filtration system

Avasara runs majorly on solar during the day.

We choose recycled materials: our doors, furniture, floors and bricks are all made from recycled sources.

Student Life


Advisory is the most personal student support structure at Avasara and considered to be a student’s family while she is with us at school. Avasara faculty members serve as advisors and students are put into age range-specific and small groups of 1:11 that meet three times weekly. The purpose of advisory is to provide students with a safe space for support, exploration and growth, in ways that are age-appropriate, relevant and authentic. In addition to small group meetings, individual check-ins between advisors and students personalize ongoing support and guidance.

Residential Life

Residential life at Avasara offers students an opportunity to connect with peers and build relationships that last a lifetime. It also prepares students for constructive and responsible living by fostering an environment which recognizes the needs of both the individual and the larger community. A host of enrichment activities, exposure visits and academic support provides a structure for students to excel, under the guidance of a supportive residential advisor and student life team.

Enrichment and Student Clubs

Opportunities for students to explore their interests and passions and apply skills outside of academic classes are an essential part of the Avasara experience. Our enrichment program provides structured opportunities for students to explore visual arts, performing arts, fitness, and STEM. Enrichment classes are offered four days a week, and in the evenings and on weekends for residential scholars. Activities may be led by external experts, Avasara faculty and staff, as well as students themselves. We also organize annual student retreats focused on reflection and team building.

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