Is Avasara for you?

It is the mission of our admissions process to create a diverse community of female leaders who are passionate about making a difference in their communities. The admissions committee strongly weighs qualities such as motivation, curiosity, and leadership when considering your application for admission.

We review grades, standardised test scores, and evaluations by a counsellor and teachers to determine academic strength. In addition, your perspective matters to us. We encourage you to write openly and honestly about activities, interests, and experiences that have been meaningful to you. We want to hear your voice.

Application process

  • Expression of Interest: Click on Apply Now below to express your interest in joining Avasara Academy.
  • Online Application: Once we hear from you, we will send you our online application form. This will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  • Admissions Testing: All students take entrance exams in English and Math.
  • Interviews: Students who meet or exceed our entrance exam requirements will be invited for a student and parent interview.
  • Admissions Decisions: We consider the information gathered from interviews and assessments, and then inform families of their application status – either accepted, denied, or waitlisted.
  • Enrollment: Accepted students confirm their space at the Academy in writing, submit additional documentation, and pay any fees that may be due.

We look forward to meeting prospective students and their families.

Financial Aid Program

Avasara’s financial assistance program seeks to enable every admitted student to attend. Our need based aid program begins with a consistent, yet personalised, assessment of each applicant’s current financial status.

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